Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The orange Crate....

..trust me i bug the living fuck outta them about this triumph powered streamliner constantly.. did 130 back in the 50's....ran a 500cc triumph motor... i want it in the worst way. Btw its the Original "Orange Crate" not that gay 32 sedan.... and yes it hasnt been touched since 64'...


  1. I saw it run at Bonneville 67 or 68. I took a picture of Troy Cagle in front of the car.

  2. The 1969 Bonneville Official Program lists entries by class "I Streamliner, The Orange Crate (Bonesio) ran 142.693 mph" as a record set in 1967. There were 2 cars entered in 69 running for the I streamliner class record. In Hot Rod Pictorial #3, pg. 57 is a Rickman photo of 3 Class H & I streamliners the front one is the Orange Crate. There was in 59 a streamliner powered by 2 cart engines, sponsored by Rocket Kart Components, that ran 70 something mph. A few people have called this car Orange Crate. Is a completely different looking car.