Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fuck my triumph tank!

Yep i think its bulky, and gay, and i hate yellow! its for sale if you want it! so i picked up a dope as peanut tank, and ribbed fender,my boy Andrew Babish(Jesse James painter)who painted my dope ass welding helmet a few years back, is going to wotk his magic next week on em both........candy purple metal flake, some super dope panel jobs! ya son!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yeah too bad they dont ride real bikes anymore..

Back then it was about the bikes too, now its a bunch of washed up vagina's!

Little more progress

Ive been triing to figure out Pistons and shit, and did a little more fab work on it. i finished the oil tank too(no pics yet), did the Front and Rear seat mounts, and fender mounts. Most welding is done at this point, except im making a few differant sissy bars now so i wont fuck the paint up later trying to nigger one up.......i fully scrounged this sissy bar off an old chopper! it is called the "Odd Ball" back in the 60's....

Monday, October 26, 2009

DirtBike magazine!

Read up on it fuckers! im in every issue, have been for a couple years now! or go to DirtBike next month issue will be great! i will be in my undies in a 3/4 helmet!!!! heres a couple of me from the magazine over the last year theres a lot more! all i can say is im lucky and thanks to Adam booth-i love him!


I Welded up a sweet little set of Z bars fucking around... cool wall hangers i guess......

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A great cause! help him!

This is a donation fund for our Great pal Dylan burnham aka "D-smoke". he is never gunna be able to get his 1947 pontiac on the road cause of his autism, so we put a fund directly to him, with the great hope that one day he WILL get his car done! good luck slugger!

His holloween costume looks great this year! only 10 more days my buddy! dont wear it out yet!!

Calif. Hotrod Reunion.

it was cool. a lot of gnarly fucking cars ran.

And Even ROB RUDD from the "shiftheads" showed up pround in his new fenderless daewoo!

Build another girly bike that i WILL hate.

So i picked up this totally rad old 67 triumph t100c wich is a 500,and it was a motocross bike. has the after market moto pipes that are reallllly rare, i just started on it. hope to have it done for some turkey month bike is.....a first a mockup for no Fucking reason

I started by blowing the mutherfucker apart and fileing and polishing every piece of aluminium. re-built the brakes, got a 21" front rim and an 18" rear, and paint on the tank is wicked, pics do NOT show how nice it is, machined some more gay shit,stole a fender from my dad, and somehow bought a new speedmaster and a 450-18 firestone...wheel in pics is a mocjup pile of shit........started making some dumb fucking mounts for seat,fender and oil tank as well. this is day 1.......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buy it now!

1961 Ford Falcon wagon.