Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Humpty... D-smoke

I'll call it a hotrod for now... it's stripped down, fast, and cheap... maybe I can call it Humpty the Hollywood Hooker? Anyways, that's not important... it's a 1947 Pontiac! it just needs a bunch of little shit, but it's mechanically done! That axle not only makes an excellent bumper, but it'll flat-tow a '59 Rambler. It all looks so amazing that the Sheriff's dept just cruised by and didn't care that my tags expired in 1977 or that I was flat-towing a car with a rope, nevermind the plexiglass windshield.... Special Thanks to Booth (He hooked me up with Humpty), Jordan, (help me get it, paint it, mounted my temp rear bumper, and some other random stuff) Rob "The Transporter" Rudd (SHIFTHEADS!), Kyle (pinstriper), Bill (master mechanic), Rafa (painter), Chunk (for loaning me some gangster-ass tires), and anybody I forgot, I'll get at you on the next album! D-smoke