Thursday, April 23, 2009

Introducing... D-smoke

Shifthead c.c. connection... Represent...

I was given the opportunity to put whatever I want on here, he'll soon regret it.... I share shop space with PonyBoy (my nickname for him). I've watched him try to kill himself while fabricating, building, resurrecting and having fun, he manages to put his life and limbs in danger every-time, I've seen at least a quart of blood come out of his body in the last few months alone. We work in the best shop ever, sharing space with some of the coolest people on earth, we have a blast out there nestled in the outskirts of Santa Ynez, CA..... D-smoke

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buy my shirts! support my crazyness!

They are my buisiness shirts(nastalgicdrop) saying "Drop axles, Not Acid" for the hotrodders(even if you do acid there perfect for you)! they are hanes thick "beefy T" shirt that are tagless! very good shirts! $20.oo shipped i have LG, and XL in black mens, and pink tanktops with the logo on front for the ladies $20.oo as well. I have med, and LG ill put better pics up tomorrow, but you get the point.................just support a shcmuck!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When life throws you down

Buy a triumph!!! so for the last little while lifes kinda had its shit times, ontop of that i had to sell one of my model A's, so i improvised and bought a triumph from (cyclezombies) and i havnt been able to stop riding it, i put about 500 miles on it so far!!! what riding a bobber does to you is amazing, it clears your mind and brings freedom, nobody can bug you, no body can tell you shit. you just ride, and enjoy the fact that all you can here is triumph exhaust killin everyones ears!. and it actually makes a man smile. thanks again turkey for sellin me your bike!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Introduce myself i guess first right?!

Well im a fabricator, just triin to make a buck, i build hotrods, and race moto ive also had my own tv show featured on "Speed" called "Nineteen-28" wich made people hate me... im doin this to see whats goin on out there, to jock down journeys and trips i see, do, and run into. it will get interesting i promise.................heres a couple pictures of my past and present. enjoy.