Thursday, August 6, 2009

my addiction is fucked

its outta control 

The "shop truck"

heres the Banger! ripped the fenders off and absolutely terrorized oxnard yesterday!! this month its on for her. dropped axle. juice brakes,3"chop, navy blue paint and then she's off to the meat market!

A mexican Gasser

the "Border-Burner"

I think its time to become a man.and build a PAN!

tired of all this wussy triumph shit.sold everything i had! ive been dreaming, thinking, drawing, and thinking about building a pan. i have a line on a straitleg frame and early short springer with 21" front and 18" rear........john edward this is for you "Fuck You!" ur pan has made me hate cars and i get a woody when i see your purple pan.. hahahah nuff said....its time......

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A sad picture

shes Goin to Texas! Gass monkey garage bought her up. sadly they are probly gunna ruin this car, i hope not though.