Saturday, November 22, 2014

Airtrix work

Most people wonder what I actually do 9-5.... I work for Chris wood at Airtrix paint in Santa Barbara! Paint a lot of Redbull helmets for most athletes, Roland sands bikes ect... Here's some pics of work I've had the honor of working on the last 6 months

38 pickup build!

Got this sweet OG paint 38 pickup recently and started buffin the old paint before I give it my "stance" it will be killer in a few short weeks of thrashing!!! Got a rebuilt 40 flathead for it. Whitewalls all the way around that will be tucked in the fenders!

Jordan graham 1930 roadster

Basically got this 1930 rumble seat car for a great deal. It ran and drove pretty good for sittin for 20 years so I just went with the "instant hotrod" and lowered it via dropped dago axle and T rear spring with wheels and tires, nothing special. Just stance that was right on. My daughter loves cruising around in it!

Mert the street tracker

Built this 1200 sporty street tracker back in June and won a few flat track races on it as well as commuting 100 miles to work and back on it every day.... Loved the bike! 

Drag sedan non update

Basically I'm just addin what I've done since my last entry in January.. I chopped the car and it now is sitting waiting for the owners funds to arise! But boy do we have a killer in the works!