Thursday, October 22, 2009

Build another girly bike that i WILL hate.

So i picked up this totally rad old 67 triumph t100c wich is a 500,and it was a motocross bike. has the after market moto pipes that are reallllly rare, i just started on it. hope to have it done for some turkey month bike is.....a first a mockup for no Fucking reason

I started by blowing the mutherfucker apart and fileing and polishing every piece of aluminium. re-built the brakes, got a 21" front rim and an 18" rear, and paint on the tank is wicked, pics do NOT show how nice it is, machined some more gay shit,stole a fender from my dad, and somehow bought a new speedmaster and a 450-18 firestone...wheel in pics is a mocjup pile of shit........started making some dumb fucking mounts for seat,fender and oil tank as well. this is day 1.......

1 comment:

  1. 'bout time you put some shit on this mo-fukka you routin' tootin' son of a bitch! I thought you went on a drinkin' spree and fell of the face of the earth! Build that fucker!!!!