Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bud ekins-

-Im starting to think my T100 was one of Bud ekins race bikes......uhhh ohhh..
who is bud ekins? well He started the first baja race, won 4 Gold medals at the international 6 days events in the 60's, Notable jumped steve mcqueens pre unit in the "great escape" and Jumped that 68 Mustang in Frisco in "Bullit" he was no doubt the best desert racer EVER on a bike with 7 district 37 #1 plates. well i grew up racing desert my whole life so i can respect Bud entirely.Bud had his "special" set of exhaust for his race bikes and i was told he was the only one to run them?(yes they repop them now) well i kept those original pipes on and run them on my t100 still. with the full race motor still in her as well.....i feel bad now for takin my desert sled and turning it into a chopper.... fuck me right? heres a few pictures of him and his bikes. and one of mine when i got it(white 500)now its my purple bike)but now she screams on the streets!!The green bike was an old bud ekins race bike,this is how mine was exactly...

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