Friday, September 14, 2012

Wheelie your old motorcycle

I love my BSA..... Days of fun. You all need one!


  1. Terrific shot of a wheelie! I'm glad you wore a helmet that time, because that proves you're a professional rider, Axle. Wheeling is not something that one could master in a day or a week, it takes time to practice. Just a piece of advice, don't do this on public roads if you don't want to end up being chased by the blues.

    Hannah Parkin

  2. Nice! That’s a really cool trick! I have had a motorcycle for a long time, but never in my life had I tried to hit the ramps going really fast and doing some tricks. Haha! That’d be really awesome, though!! :))

    Claudio Mccarty

  3. If you're trying this for the first time, use a lightweight bike. Make sure to remove the front pegs from your bike so you'll have a lighter front end. Guys, don't think it's easy. It takes a while to do an impressive wheelie.

    Max Piedra