Saturday, April 9, 2011

Solvang motorcycle museum

I literally live across the street from this museum... the bikes inside are insane!if you are ever up here go see it! most all are race bikes. or very rare early bikes. snapped a few pictures...
Rollie Free's most famous Blown saltflat vincent....maybe most famous bike EVER? see the famous lay down shot....

Mert lawwill xr750

Whatabout a 6" long running mini ferrari motor? it can fit in your pocket

Not even a 1/8th of the teather car collection......


  1. Came through there last March, but it was closed, so I looked through the windows, and then went and looked at windmills. Maybe I'll get up there next week.

  2. there only open on sat and sun.... its lame i know... haha

  3. Hey, wrong time, too early, too late - story of my life!

  4. F@#k!!! i've been to Solvang and didn't know about this Museum! Cool Place!!!

  5. They constantly change the bikes inside too its soo cool. i literally live across the street i can look out our front window and see motorcycles!!

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