Saturday, November 6, 2010

1st gear at 50 dont last

When you let a female drive your freshly done and bottoned up Car..... remind her that D means drive and 1st means 1st.... we got a call and it whent like this....
Joey: ya whats up? Female: why is the car smoking really bad? and only doing 50?
Joey: Huh? what the fuck? Me:ask her if shes in D or she has it in first? just a suggestion..
Joey: is it in 1st gear? what the fuck? Female: uhhh ya.......... it just shut off im pulling over
Joey: FUCK!.............
So we hauled ass down the 101 and found out she blew the fuck up....... remember women. D means female gear....

1 comment:

  1. I know a man who did the same thing to a super-clean "76 Chevy Scottsdale with a brand new crate 350ci in it that he had bought the day before! Make sense cuz I always told him drove like a crazy old lady... I think he was on the freeway in second doing seventy or something... Good luck brother