Monday, April 5, 2010


Yep thats the savage old bikers nickname coined from George cristi from the HA's for being an animal when he fights, for some reason kujo really liked me, my brother and D-smoke so we rolled over to his house and i bought way too much cool shit for way to cheap.... i cannot thank him enough... i got me 4 springers, raked sporty frame, wheels, and Some NOS twisted pegs David man gave him personally 20 years ago.... he even tried to trade D-smoke his carmon gia trike for D-smokes didnt work, but you can sure fit a lot of harley shit in one caddy fucking stoked!


  1. I'm not ready to be 55 yet... That Ghia trike looks like too much fun for me... (bearly visible in the far corner of the driveway, see pic of Jordan holding the springer on the sidewalk)